What Catholics Believe: Chapter 2 (CCC): The Revelation of God -- God Comes to Meet Us

God revealed himself by sending his Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to us.

"It pleased God in His goodness and wisdom, to REVEAL HIMSELF and to make known ... His will...which was for us to have ACCESS to Him, through Jesus, the Word made flesh" (Article I. para 51, CCC).

1 Tim 6:16, Eph 1: 4-5.

God wishes us to be CAPABLE of responding to Him, knowing Him, and loving Him, and He does this through revealing Himself through our Lord, who is GOD IN THE FLESH . . . just like us!!!

CATHOLICS BELIEVE IN THE HOLY TRINITY: God, the Father, along with Jesus Christ, His Son (who is also God), and the Holy Spirit.

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