Catholics Believe in Sacred Tradition PLUS Sacred Scripture

Catholics believe in a close, intricate bond between Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture . . . these are communicated together from the same divine source. Catholics believe in the Word of God in the UNWRITTEN Word ... Sacred Tradition!

Sacred Scripture is the "SPEECH OF GOD" in writing led by the Holy Spirit!

Tradition TRANSMITS the entire Word of God entrusted to the apostles through Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Tradition is transmitted through the apostolic successors and spread through their preaching.

Here is another BIG DIFFERENCE between what Catholics believe and what non-Catholics do not believe:

The Catholic Church does NOT derive certainty of all revealed truths from holy Scripture alone. Rather Catholics believe that BOTH SACRED SCRIPTURE and TRADITION MUST BE ACCEPTED and HONORED EQUALLY!

The apostles handed down tradition because the first generation of Christians did not have the New Testament written down yet! Some time took place in between our Lord's life on earth and the time in which Scriptural Scholars wrote it down guided by GRACE. The early Church SPOKE the Word, just like Jesus PREACHED (spoke) to the people. There wasn't anyone there or present or looking on that was writing the books of truth in the New Testament! So Tradition came before Sacred Scripture. Catholics believe firmly in Sacred Tradition.

It seems to me that even non-Catholic Christians would know this FACT.....so why do they continue to shove this FACT aside? Catholics acknowledge, admit, respect and REVERE this FACT of Sacred Tradition!

This is yet one more belief of Catholics!

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Liesl said...

Great post! I'm actually in a discussion about Sacred Tradition with one of my Protestant friends, I was looking around to find the best way to say it when I came across your blog. There's so much that needs to be explained properly about our beautiful Catholic faith! I've started an apologetics blog - take a look and let me know what you think... its unityofthespirit.wordpress.com. Thanks!