Did I Keep My Eyes on Jesus Today? Did I Follow Christ's Teachings?

Good evening my dear amici (friends)!

I have not posted in a few days due to my family (my parents) visit this week, so I apologize for my absence. I have missed talking and sharing about our beautiful Catholic faith with you! It is such a blessing to chat about!

In today's reading from St. Paul to the Ephesians, I am reminded to take a look at my behavior towards others. As Catholics, we can use our simple every day behavior as a way to evangelize . . . just by our example! Now that's an easy place to start, isn't it? I need to continually ask myself the following:

Have I been kind to others or have I failed at times today?

Have I been compassionate towards others or have I failed at different moments?

Have I been forgiving of others or have I held on to wrongdoings and failed to forgive?

God certainly forgave me through His Son's death and resurrection? Why can't I do the same towards those who hurt me? Did I pray for those that have or are hurting me?

Do I do the best that I can each day to live in LOVE of others and try to imitate Christ?

Did I say something using impure, obscene, suggestive, or immoral words or thoughts?
Did I display greed, covetousness, jealousy, envy, pride, or idolatry in words and/or thoughts?
Did I encourage dishonesty, lack of integrity or ethics in my words and/or thoughts?
OR did I speak of and encourage the opposites of these ungodly behaviors so that I am more pleasing to my Heavenly Father?

Do I have a sense of fear, knowing that God not only has love for me (and you), but also has the ability for some mighty wrath and discipline for me (and you) when I (and you) am disobedient.

With God and His Son, I live in the LIGHT, and can better armor myself for the fight against a life of darkness and disobedience.


Blessed the man who follows not the counsel of the wicked
Nor walks in the way of sinners,
Nor sits in the company of the rude and insulting,
But DELIGHTS in the LAW of the LORD
and MEDITATES on his law DAY and NIGHT. ~ Psalm 1

These are wise words to think upon this evening. I hope that yours is peaceful and restful. . .


~ Bella

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krissy knox said...

You have a beautiful blog here. I am a convert. Or should I say revert, as they call them in EWTN. I just love what you are doing here -- spreading our Catholic faith, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. May you be guided daily by the Holy Spirit, in what to share with us! And keep it up if you can!

Love and God bless, Krissy :)

Bella Vita said...

Thank you Krissy for your kind compliments. I need your encouragement because I really never know how my posts will be or are received by readers (if any). I certainly am a very imperfect person and just simply want to grow in our Catholic faith, sometimes by a reading from the Catechism (which I was not schooled in the CCC, but rather the Baltimore Catechism), sometimes, from the daily Scripture, or sometimes from inspirational Catholic writers.

I just wanted to learn the Faith better, and hopefully help others too. It is just so wonderful to know that others are learning and growing as well!

If ever you would like to add something, please do so and I will give you full credit for your thoughts! I think that this should be a family-like chat!

Many blessings, Roz (aka Bella)