God's Timing and Schedule . . . not mine!

Good afternoon dear amici (friends),

I wanted to share some thoughts written by Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade (d. 1751), a Jesuit writer.

How often have I tried to control things to happen in my time; in a timely way that suits my needs . . . or so I think?

When will I realize that this is just pure torture that I, alone, am putting myself through?

Our faith teaches us that the future is in our Heavenly Father's hands, who knows what is best for us at the time and forever in time. God, in his Divine All-Knowingness and Omnipotence, loves us infinitely, and knows all of our needs, even when we don't know them ourselves! I often think that if I knew what God had in store for me, that I would go into shock! I wouldn't be able to handle it. I think God lets us know and experience things SLOWLY, so we can adjust as we go along.

God's Divine Providence guides everything, so I need to remember to stay in a state of HUMBLE SUBMISSION. I need to get out of His way.

What would happen if each of us always got what we wanted and asked for? I know that I would be in a horrible relationship with someone who became an alcoholic and that has refused treatment and therapy to this day! My life would be insane if I were with that person today. I could go on, but it isn't necessary because the list is endless of what I thought I knew what was best for me.

St. Augustine said that it was through God's mercy and love for us that He DOES NOT GRANT US all of our prayers . . . and that sometimes He even gives us the OPPOSITE of what we think we want and need!

I need to try to remember this during the course of my day and simply submit all of my needs, wants, and desires to Him. I know that I could live more peacefully and tranquilly if I live in blind self-abandonment.

Let Go and Let God, as the saying goes! True and wise words, they are indeed.

Thy Will Be Done . . . on earth as it is in Heaven.

His Will . . . and not mine.

I hope that you have a blessed, love-filled, spirit-filled evening!


~ Bella

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