More Catholic Catechism: The Gospel is HANDED DOWN through APOSTOLIC SUCCESSORS

Continuing in Article 2 of Chapter Two in the Catholic Catechism (CCC, pp. 24-25), as Catholics, we believe that the Gospel is HANDED DOWN in TWO WAYS:

Orally - by the apostles and their institutions

and in

Writing - "by the apostles and other men associated with the apostles, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who put the Gospel into the written Word".

Now here's a Catholic belief that non-Catholics do not share:

"In order that the full and living Gospel might always be preserved in the Church, the apostles LEFT BISHOPS AS THEIR SUCCESSORS . . . who were given TEACHING AUTHORITY. This apostolic preaching IS TO BE PRESERVED IN A CONTINUOUS LINE OF SUCCESSION . . . UNTIL THE END OF TIME!

WOW! Only Catholics have this blessing from God!

This is what Catholics believe in . . . and it is called TRADITION!!!

It is distinct from Sacred Scripture and it is how the Catholic Church teaches Catholics through every generation, ALL THAT SHE BELIEVES!

The Holy Spirit leads believers in the FULL TRUTH through the Church's voice and Gospel.

This is one of the the PILLARS of our Beautiful Catholic Faith that DIFFERENTIATES our beliefs from all other religions and denominations!

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