Part One, Article 2: Our Call as Catholics to Teach Others of God

Hello everyone again on this beautiful October day,

Before I go outside to savor and soak up this gorgeous autumn day, I'll continue discussing our beautiful Catholic Catechism:

Because God DESIRES ALL of us to be saved, to KNOW the truth of Jesus, we, Catholics, MUST PROCLAIM our Lord to ALL people all around the entire planet! (1 Tim 2:4; Jn 14:6)

Catholics are COMMANDED to preach the Gospel to let others know of God's gifts to them. It is the Gospel that is the source of truth and moral discipline necessary to achieve salvation (Mt 28:19-20; Mk 16:15).

So dear friends in Christ, in your prayers, ask our Heavenly Father, our Lord, and Blessed Mother to give us the fortitude to just drop a verse of the Bible to anyone that needs a word of guidance or uplifting.

Yesterday, my husband and I had some friends over and they poured their hearts out to us about a terrible, and I do mean horrendous, ordeal that they have been suffering through.

I took my Bible over to them (non-Catholics) and led them to read Psalm 37, which was the same verse that a dear friend once read to me in my greatest time of trouble. They said that they would go home and read it. I don't know what happened after they left, but I do know that God gave me the strength to do what He called all of us as Catholics to do . . . to share the Gospel.

I never used any force, or "in-your-face" tactics that we know some folks can use. I shared this verse with love and concern for these friends. They know that I am Catholic and so that also helped their perception of the Catholic Faith.

I think that once we successfully share, we gain more strength in continuing to spread the Gospel each time afterwards.

With that said, dear friends, I am going to go outside and enjoy this day that God has given each of us.


~ Bella

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