Continuing Discussion of Catholic Beliefs: the Catholic Catechism (CCC)

Good morning dear friends,

I'll pick up where I left off reading, summarizing, and learning the CCC, p. 31, Chapter 2, Article III, Section II - The Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture.

Once again, as guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit, the text of Sacred Scripture was divinely revealed and written down; was authored by God and handed down to the Catholic Church. The men who wrote Scripture were CHOSEN by God. The books written are the TRUTH and are without error. Jesus is the WORD of God in these truths and is incarnate and LIVING!

Yet we still need Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to OPEN OUR MINDS to UNDERSTAND the Scriptures. Luke: 24:45.

The human authors who wrote down God's truths and used "their words" (p. 32, line 109); therefore, the reader must consider the times and culture in which they wrote and the way of speaking and narration in those times and not from the context of the current time and culture and way of speaking.

Yet we must remember that Sacred Scripture MUST be read and interpreted in the light of the SAME SPIRIT who inspired its initial writing!

Vatican II stated that three (3) criteria necessary for interpreting Scripture with the Holy Spirit's guidance:

#1 Be especially attentive to he content and unity of the whole Scripture, because God's plan is based on unity, with Christ as the heart and center of His plan. Luke 24:25-27, 44-46.

#2 Read the Scripture "WITHIN THE LIVING TRADITION of the whole CHURCH", the Catholic Church's Sacred Scripture was first written in HER HEART and not in documents and records! Therefore the Catholic Church carries her TRADITION, the LIVING memory of His Word, and ONLY the Catholic Church is granted the knowledge of what scripture MEANS through the prompting and inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

WOW! This is our belief as Catholics, and our belief alone. This is why we believe there are other non-Catholic Christians, but they are not living and worshipping in the "FULLNESS" of Christ's first, original church, The Catholic Church.

#3 Be attentive to the analogy of faith (Romans 12:6), which essentially means that we need to pay attention to the overall "coherence" of our faith's truths and within the entire, bigger picture-plan of Revelation.

Now that was a lot to read, learn, and share today. Our beautiful Catholic faith is vast and awe-inspiring. I know that I'm learning as a I read and I hope that you are too.

Have a beautiful, blessed day!

~ Bella

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