Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City Last Week

The week after one of the worst snow storm's in New York City's history (21 inches of snow) and just before this past weekend of thunderstorms with trees uprooting everywhere, the Lord blessed the city with a week of warm temperatures, soft breezes and bright, clear blue skies! It was the week that I attended a professional conference with my husband. We attended Mass last Sunday and took the photo below (and many, many more) of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The Archbishop of New York said Mass to hundreds of the faithful and pilgrims. The choir sounded so angelic and beautiful. The surrounding enclaves inside the beautiful cathedral with twinkling candles to light with a prayer, were so inspiration and moving.

What a privilege it was for us to attend Mass in this extraordinary Catholic cathedral. I will never, ever forget this experience of our beautiful Catholic faith!

The photo above is from MY own camera taken by ME in NYC on March 7, 2010


~ bella