Prayer for a Loved One's Conversion to Catholicism

Prayer for a Loved One's Conversion to Catholicism (Colossians 1:9-14)

O Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus, and in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit,
with the knowledge of Your will,

I ask that You fill null with the knowledge of Your will through ALL spiritual wisdom and understanding.
Enlighten this precious child of Yours, dear Lord!
Teach this dear one to live in a manner that is worthy of You,
so as to be fully pleasing to You,
full of good works bearing good fruits and ever growing in knowledge of You.
Strengthen this lost lamb, dear Lord,
with every power of Your Holy Spirit,
in accordance with Your might, for all endurance and patience,
with joy, giving thanks to You O Father!
Make Your child fit to share in the inheritance of the holy ones in the Light.
Deliver this beloved one from the power of darkness
into the kingdom of Your Beloved Son, Jesus,

and transfer null into the kingdom of Your Beloved Son, Jesus,
in whom is redemption and the forgiveness of sins.


Good evening dear amici (friends),Today is a lovely wet day in the Carolinas where we so desperately need the rain in this ongoing drought. Water is a blessed miracle, you know! We could not live without it physically nor spiritually (Jesus quenches our spiritual thirst). It is supposed to rain (softly) for the next few days, and for that forecast I am so grateful (so is my garden!).

Tomorrow also begins my university's Fall Break. My students really need this and so do the faculty!! It is a good time for me to rest and restore my soul and get some things in order around my house.

Today we are reminded to pray in the Gospel of Luke. Just take a moment to pray the Lord's Prayer . . . or just one Hail Mary . . . say an Act of Contrition . . . let's just stop often to simply JUST SAY SOMETHING to God . . . have a little chat with him in your own words! Please just start somewhere. Ask the Holy Spirit to stay with you to help you speak and pray to our Father and His Son as frequently as possible during your day.

It seems that the more I pray, the more I can't wait to find time to pray again when my schedule allows me......wouldn't it be great if we could just make everything that we do A PRAYER!!!!

And since it is October, pray the beautiful Rosary! It is so powerful! Our Lady hears us and prays FOR us. Remember the Wedding at Cana when her Son said to do what she said! Jesus listens to our petitions asked through our Blessed Mother.

Well, I realize that this note is brief, but I must go teach my evening class and then commute home.

Blessings during this beautiful rainshower!

Con amore (With love)

~ Bella

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Bella Vita


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was looking for a prayer to say at night for my non - Catholic friends. There really aren't any as I was surprised to learn.
So then I stumbled on your site! Thanks for the prayer! It's perfect! Please pray for my friends Eric, Dan, Lisa and their kids!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful prayer,beautiful blog,and i'me quite sure a beautiful person :) God bless from Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Thank you...This is such a beautiful and meaningful prayer. Just the prayer I needed for my husband who is a non-Catholic. Thanks again.

Joanne Utke said...

Thank you for the prayer. I too have a couple bloggers. Please check out mine. I love to write and educate people about the beauty of Catholicism!

Mary Williams-Browne said...

The prayer is beautiful....I have prayed it for my family. Thank you.