Prayer for Educators and Students

Patron Saints of Professors, Teachers, and Students

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas, a doctor of the Catholic Church, is patron saint of all universities and students. His feast day is January 28th. St. Thomas was a highly intelligent student and began teaching and publishing his works at the age of 22. He received his doctorate at age 31 and wrote extensively and brilliantly. St. Thomas wrote his seminary work, "Summa Theologica", but it was left unfinished due to his death. Considered to one of the greatest and most influential theologians of all time, he was canonized in 1323. (reference: CatholicOnline.com)

St. John Cantius

St. John Cantius is a saint from Poland who is not well known among Americans, but after researching him, I discovered that Pope John Paul the Great had a life-long devotion to him. A 'professor' saint, he held a doctorate and was highly dedicated to his students. St. John Cantius always practiced piety with academics and combined religious life with teaching. (http://www.canons-regular.org)

Hello my dear friends in Christ,

Although I realize (and many of you know too) that K through 12th grade's spring semester session began last week, those of us in the university system begin NEXT week. With that said, I just want to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY to our Lord, our Father, and our Lady, and to the Patron Saint of Educators and Students for success for all involved.
A Prayer for Professors, Teachers, and Students

(written by author of "Our Beautiful Catholic Faith" blog -- permission to
copy, reprint, distribute, or use electronically on the Internet is required).

Lord, I ask you in your precious and holy name,
to be an exceptional educator, mentor, and role model to all my students in which I am humbly blessed with this noble and honorable vocation of service of education.

I pray that my students are eager to learn in a respectful
and peaceful manner towards all educators and other students.

I pray that I am able to discern Your will regarding
the development of assignments and exams
that are best for the learning process of my students
and for the fair and accurate assessment of student performance.

Lord, help me to diligently and conscientiously
prepare relevant, challenging, yet interesting lectures
and classroom activities that engage students
in active participation.

I pray most fervently for the ability
to know when to be merciful,
for the ability to provide positive and constructive criticism,
and when to use gentle, but firm discipline when necessary.

Help me, Lord, to continue to use the gift
that you blessed me with to teach, guide, prepare,
and help develop young adult students
in a positive, student-focused environment
in which students can feel safe
to express their diverse thoughts
and opinions for their own educational, personal,
and professional development.


~ Bella

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Micki said...

I never knew of St. John Cantius. What a great model for oh so many academic folks.