Humility is Our Weapon in Spiritual Warfare


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Hello Dear Friends in Christ,
Today I was so inspired by the message on EWTN by Father Corapi on "HUMILITY", which I know with certainty that I need to remember to try and live by each and every day, as do all children of God.
Father Corapi said that "Humility leads to Holiness which leads to Heaven".
Humility is the opposite of the sin of pride and as Father Corapi said, it leaves the evil one just defenseless when we are humble; he has no way to fight back over our souls when we practice HUMILITY!
I know that for me, at my place of work there is a female colleague who simply degrades me each and every opportunity that she can get, by trying to convince others that she is better than me in 'whatever' is being discussed. Whenever possible, she tries to prove her need to be recognized for work before I get recognized. Her pride is so evident.

So I decided that I would just simply wish her a Happy New Year (the other day) and a great day from there on each and every time I encounter her, rather than debate on the errors of her ways based on her own self pride. It is true, that when I engage in this humble attitude approach, as Father Corapi stated, that the evil one influencing whomever you are encountering is simply at a loss for words or comeback.
Father Corapi also discussed the importance of SERVICE and serving others, rather than the desire for others to serve us! He reminded us that Christ said that HE came to serve and not to be served.

As children of God, we are CALLED to serve our spouses, our children, our Church parish and parishioners, our community, our students (as in my vocation of education), our patients, the poor and the needy, etc. . . . the list is endless regarding the numerous ways in which each of us can SERVE!
Finally, Father Corapi reminded us to NEVER forget that in the end, the LAST will be FIRST and the first will be last! We are going to suffer in our service here on this plane, but oh the reward that our Heavenly Father has for us in Heaven for our loving and HUMBLE service in HIS NAME! And when we meet our Lord at that glorious time, He promises us in His Word in Sacred Scripture that He will be grateful for our work well done . . . oh faithful servants!
Thank you Father Corapi on EWTN for such inspirational and wise words of wisdom that I know that I need to practice in my faith Journey.

How are you serving God first, others next and you last?


Jesus - FIRST
Others - second
You - last

Will give us eternal JOY in paradise with our Lord and Father!
~ Bella
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SQUELLY said...

A beautiful post! I utterly agree. I have a great devotion to St Bernadette of Lourdes who was such a humble saint. It is an incredible quality.

I hope you don't mind me following along I found you on Catholic Mom in Hawaii. Please do drop in on my little blog and say hello if you have time

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bella for sharing your beautiful blog. I enjoyed reading some today and plan to return to read more. I especially love that you include Fr Corapi! He's awesome, isn't he?!
Drop in at my blog and say hi sometime. :O)

Bella Vita said...

Squelly and Jenny,

I e-mailed you both a personal response from my e-mail address, but quite possibly you did not recieve them, so....I was wondering if you could provide the name and address of your blogs so that I can visit you too! You can e-mail them to at the address provided here to the right. I would love to visit your blogs and am so honored that you feel spiritually fed from my blog.
~Roz (aka Bella)