Pope Benedict ENDORSES Use of Internet for Apostolic Spreading of the Gospel and Communion & Friendship with Others

Hello Dear Friends in Christ,

Along with the wonderful announcement that this beautiful Southern state will receive a new bishop, the Holy Father announced yesterday that he fully approves of social networks and the Internet to spread the Gospel of the Lord. Yet, our Holy Father warns us against ignoring of the presence of human beings in our midst for the sake of use in the Internet forum for communication.

Our Holy Pontiff states that we use this modern means, for the sake of Christ's LOVE, that we witness with enthusiasm, the Good News of our Catholic Faith and God's LOVE with our friends and family. This is so incredibly AWESOME!!!

Please click on the following link to read further information from Catholic Culture.org:


To me, this is WONDERFUL and WELCOME news, because I believe, as does the Catholic Church, that God blessed humankind with tremendous mental abilities to develop the means to improve our human lives in a postive way (and with Free Will, there are far too many humans who use their mental abilities to HARM our lives)! These human mental abilities have now included the development and refinement of the World Wide Web (www), the Internet, the Web, whatever you choose to call this modern day contemporary technology.

And dear friends for your new information and to add to your "Web-Site Favorites" on the Web, here is the Vatican's new web-site on YouTube which will surely provide us with inspirational, educational, and evangelical visual information for the Holy Roman Catholic Church, directly FROM ROME and from the HOLY FATHER, Pope Benedict!

Please click on the following link to watch the videos from the Vatican in Rome, Italy:


The beauty of this medium, that I personally have found, is a simple, yet INSTANTANEOUS and recent connection that I have made with two faithful Catholics in ENGLAND!!! Over the last two years, I have developed such a concern for the re-conversion of the Anglican English people to return back home to Catholicism after the heresy of Henry the VIII, Martin Luther and the simultaneous Protestant Reformation of parts of Europe . . . and ALSO for the continuing strength of British Catholics who have undergone so much persecution since the realm of Henry VIII. I have prayed and continue to pray for God's people in England AND Europe as a whole . . . and this medium of the Internet has miraculously helped me connect to those overseas to understand their position and their Faith journey's progress.

God Bless You All no matter where you live on this planet!

~ Bella

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Dan said...

thanks for your comment. I love reading your blog.


Bella Vita said...

Thanks for stopping by Dan! I hope you're doing well in your part of the world! I'll look up your blog too, and read your thoughts to help me along as well!

YBIC? I'm not sure what that means, sorry! New at all the acronyms these days!

Blessings, Bella

Bella Vita said...

Oh you're the Dan with the new blog Catholic Apologetics, Catholic Living!!!!!!!!!! Now, I've finally been able to meet you (so to speak). You're blog is tremendously informative! You do alot of work putting together the information in your blogs!

How fortunate for you to be involved with RCIA! My niece is a recent convert and teaches RCIA out west. I used to teach elementary Religious Educ. when I was a stay home mom and hope to get back into it soon!

I am so glad to finally "meet" you!

~ Bella

Colleen said...

Thanks for this blog post and for the information. I like your blog! God bless - Colleen

Dan said...

YBIC = your brother in Christ
thank you again, but I learn from you too. keep up the faith.

Veritas said...

Hello, Bella, first time commenting here on this lovely site that seems so full of joy.
I'm delighted too at the Pope's latest words of encouragement re the use of the internet, and have to admire this latest and what would appear to be endlessly innovative ways of spreading the Word and the joy of our faith.