Father Corapi on EWTN @ 1:00 PM Today, January 26th

Hello My Dear Friends in Christ,

Just a quick note to remind others that Father Corapi's show is at 1:00 PM today. Many of you have written to me that you enjoy his messages and so I just wanted to remind those who might be reading that his program on EWTN is on soon.

I am anxious to learn more about our beautiful Catholic faith from Father Corapi today.

~ Bella

(photo from www.fathercorapi.com)

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Anonymous said...

Oh,.... I'm so sad to have missed him! I hope there will be video available somewhere, otherwise I only get to hear Fr. Corapi in the car. What I love so much about him... well one thing I love about him because there are so many, is that Fr. Corapi strips the gifts he offers down, no pretty packaging and flowey junk, simply THE TRUTH. Now many people are offended by the truth and feel it convicts them, when what it really does is force us to look at the truth, acknowledge it, and then we can go forward via repentance & reconcilliation & penance to FREEDOM. What could be more lovely? Who would turn away this gift? Yet so many don't like him. Some say the same of me because I do not make things flowery enough. Thanks again for a lovely post today. I will look for Fr. C for that video~ I know there must be one!

Bella Vita said...

Hi Jenny! The reasons that you mentioned that you admire Fr. Corapi are also shared by me! I NEED to hear the TRUTH delivered straightforward! I think that's one of the reasons why people either leave the church or don't give it a chance, because GOOD priests say it straight and don't sugar coat their messages NOR do they water down the Mass by entertainment (as so many non-Catholic churches are doing to increase membership). Fr. Corapi tells us what we NEED to hear and not what we WANT to hear . . . a definition of a true friend!

Jenny, I found his schedule on EWTN's web-site and just happened to be home from the office yesterday when his program was aired. I'm going to print it off and refer to it always.

PLUS, Fr. Corapi reduced his price on his web-site for his WEEKLY WISDOM series....and all because he is sensitive to the failing economy; how selfless and caring! I signed up and his message last week was on COMMON SENSE...again, very straightforward as his style. I haven't listened to the latest message, but I am so glad that I signed up!

His best talks are also on videos that are offered on his web-site. I have a link provided in my side-bar under Catholic web-sites.

Thanks for writing, and have a beautiful evening!

~Roz (aka Bella)