May God Bless America!

Greetings to my friends in Christ,

What an outstanding day we have experienced today in the United States of America! What an awesome country we live in! What an incredible display of grace and elegance in pageantry; a dignified and peaceful transfer of power witnessed throughout the entire world.

I know that today my prayers are fervently focused on asking for God's grace in divinely guiding the development of successful policies by our new President Obama and his administration for helping our great country and the American people: primarily to understand the extreme atrocity of abortion and the Culture of Death in today's society, to stimulate and strengthen this weak economy for the sake of those people who have and are losing their homes, who are unable to pay for their necessary medications, nutritious food, and utilities, who are unable to have proper health care, to purchase simple basic needs, and last, but certainly not least in this huge list of issues, to engage in diplomatic measures to bring peace in our world. A tall order, yes, but with God all things are possible.

No matter how you voted, please pray for President Obama and ALL of our local, state, and nationally elected representatives. Please begin, if you have not already done so, to start writing to your representatives about the key issues, rather than passively watching the results of their decisions in policy-making.

One other thought: Let's all collectively join in taking continual responsibility for making this such a great country to live in, let's give more, serve more, be less selfish and self-centered. This is the way our Lord lived and that which we should emulate as Catholics, Christians, Americans, and as human beings. Let's encourage people to stop whining and to engage, rather, in helping to bring about solutions and not more problems. Let's mature more deeply in our Catholic faith and as a result we'll naturally 'grow up' in our everyday lives, including our civic responsibilities.

~ Bella
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Kate said...

Bella Vita, thank you so much for your kind words over at my blog. Yes, please feel free to quote from my post.

God bless you!

Bella Vita said...

You are so welcome, Kate! I'm adding you to my blog list to follow your insightful thoughts!