Beautiful Catholic Podcasts For Your Daily Commute And Spiritual Growth!!


Hello to all my dear friends in Christ Jesus,

I may never have mentioned this on my blogs, but I have a 3-hour daily commute to work (one and a half hours each way). Now, you're probably thinking that this is a complete and total waste of God's time that he as blessed me with. Quite honestly, it is quite a good time for me to spend with the Lord and our Lady in prayer. I drive a fairly fuel-efficient Honda Civic that we lovingly call our "Iddy Biddy Blue" car. I have my Rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror and it is one of the first things that I see each morning as I embark upon my day.

I usually begin my driving time with my morning prayers and follow the recommended prayers of adoration, prayers of gratitude, prayers for forgiveness, and finally prayers for requests. After this good morning hello to God, I proceed to say my Rosary. I may stop through a drive-through to pick up a cup of caffeine so that I don't fall asleep driving.

Then I plug in my earbuds from my handy-dandy little iPod and listen to my downloaded Catholic podcasts. The iPod is truly a wonderful technical innovation and tool that has helped me to learn more about and to strengthen my Catholic Faith! I am so grateful for this blessing of a gadget in my time-crunched schedule. Without it, three hours of simply driving would definitely be an absolute and complete waste of God's precious resource of time!

So I thought it would be nice to share the names of the Catholic podcasts from which I receive spiritual and Catholic nourishment. I found all of these through iTunes which you need to sign up for a free membership online. Several of these on my list below have not podcasted in a few years, but they had already been downloaded onto my iPod and I never deleted them. There may also be some new Catholic podcasts out there either on iTunes or elsewhere that I'm not aware of or didn't find interesting enough to listen to after a couple of episodes. You have to be your own judge of what you want to listen to for your own spiritual needs and growth in our beautiful Catholic faith.
Here's my list of Catholic Podcasts that I listen to:

American Catholic Radio
The BreadCast
Catholic Answers Live
Catholic Bible Boot Camp
Catholic Exchange's Rock Solid
Catholic Forum
Catholic Music Express
Catholic Podcasts Ministry
Catholic Praise Cast
Catholic Radio International
Catholic Sound Insight Radio Daily
Catholic Spotlight
ChristLife: We Have Been Sent
Daily Bread - Catholic Reflections
Daily Readings from the New American Bible
Divine Office - Liturgy of the Hours
Dr. James Dobbins - Catholic Apologetics
EWTN's Audio Library
Into The Deep
Our Catholic Life
Pray-As-You-Go's Review of The Day
Prayer Reflection with Father James Kubicki
Relevant Answers with John Salza
The SaintCast
Verbum Domini

I hope you comment back and let me know what you think of these and if you also have any recommendations for other great Catholic Podcasts that are not on this list! I would really appreciate that!

Blessings to each of you!


Anonymous said...

We are honored to be on your list. May God continue to bless you each day, that you may attain the reward of eternal life!

God bless!

Jim O'Meara
Catholic Music Express

Carla said...

I am looking for more wonderful catholic podcasts like my current favorite which I see on your list, Pray as you Go...thank you for the other suggestions; I'll give Catholic Music Express and some others a go :):)