A Beautiful New Catholic Blog To Visit!


Just recently one of my dear Catholic blogging friends has informed me about a new blog resource for my readers to discover. The name of the blog is "A Blessing To Read". Micki, my friend, is kindly posting daily e-mail messages from a devotee of the Blessed Sacrament in a permanent venue to read through a new blog. I have visited the blog and find it to be very inspirational and will have a new link for it on my sidebar. I hope that you take the time to visit and to leave a comment or two!

Here's a direct link for "A Blessing To Read":

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Micki said...

Thank you Bella for your beautiful words and tribute to promote this rather new blog. I hope your readers will find inspiration to increase their love of the Eucharist by their visits here. I appreciate your help and generosity in sharing this site.