Catholics Themselves Need To Be Evangelized!

Hello dear friends in Christ!

Throughout my life, I can say that there definitely have been periods of time when my faith was weak, when I didn't know the tenants of the Catholic faith as well as I do now, where I haven't practiced my faith, and more. I don't think that I am alone in this behavior. I believe, as illustrated in this version of "The Vortex", that this was because I didn't KNOW my faith because I wasn't TAUGHT my faith, at least completely.

Although I attended Catholic school and also attended Catechism classes while in public school, I was easily caught up in what I thought would make me happy in the "world". I'm not going to be a liar and a hypocrite and say that I don't like nice 'things' anymore, because I still do. I just know that I don't need everything or more of anything but rather know that I need GOD and His Church here on earth for my lasting happiness.

I know that I have family members and friends in the Catholic Church who do not practice their faith in accordance with the Magesterium and who've asked why I know so much more about the faith than they do. My response is that "I taught myself by pouring through Church approved books . . . and can say that it has been, is, and hopefully always will be a daily prayer to strengthen my Catholic faith. So the Holy Spirit has led me to the information that I need to read and learn from. And I am SO GRATEFUL. I also pray for those in my life who have either drifted from or who are weak in the practice of their Catholic Faith. This video validates what I have felt. Do you know other Catholics who need to be evangelized in our very own Catholic faith?



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