What We Lose When We Don't Receive the Eucharist

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This was posted by Esther over on her "Catholic Mom in Hawaii" blog and I wanted to pass it along. I agree with her and the Church that it is so important to receive Our Lord through receiving His body in the Eucharist, especially in these times when many Americans fail to go to Mass, and then fail to go to Confession to confess the failure to attend Mass, and then they either don't go to Communion or they do go to Communion with sin on their souls for failing to make a good confession for missing Mass.
It is well for you to consider what you lose every time that you pass up Holy Communion.

  • You miss a personal visit with Jesus, Author of all spiritual energy and of all holiness;
  • You lose a special increase of sanctifying grace, which makes your soul more pleasing to God;
  • You lose a quota of sacramental grace which entitles you to special help in times of temptation and in the discharge of your daily duties;
  • You lose a precious opportunity of having all of your venial sins wiped away;
  • You miss the special preserving influence which each Holy Communion confers against the fires of passion;
  • You miss the opportunity of having remitted a part, or all, of the temporal punishments due to your sins;
  • You lose the spiritual joy, the sweetness and particular comfort that comes from a fervent Holy Communion;
  • You lose a part of the glory that your body might enjoy at its resurrection on the Last Day;
  • You lose the greater degree of glory you would possess in Heaven for all eternity;
  • You may lose: a) complete victory over some fault or passion;b) some particular grace long prayed for;c) the conversion or salvation of some soul;d) deliverance of a relative or friend from Purgatory;e) many graces for others, both the living and the dead.

Will a few extra minutes of sleep repay you for all these losses?
At the hour of death our greatest consolation will be the Masses we have heard and the Holy Communions received. What riches hundreds of thousands of Catholics deprive themselves daily by neglecting Mass.

.With Ecclesiastical ApprovalChicago, December 6, 1940

~ bella

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