Catholic Videos from "Real Catholic TV" -- Very Educational About Our Faith!


Hello dear friends,
I just want to give a big shout out of recognition to the web-site "RealCatholicTV.com" for developing so many, many, MANY helpful and informative videos about our beautiful Catholic faith AND current events that keep every Catholic and non-Catholic IN THE KNOW of current events!

Many of us learn better visually (especially our younger generations) and some of us don't have time to read every sound bite of every blog (like me!), so therefore, with credit given to where credit is due, I've embedded some videos from this awesome website.....please visit and donate if you can so that they can keep producing such valuable materials.
I hope that your faith is increased by the videos' messages.
~ bella

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Dan said...

Loved the video. thank you. check out my new site http://thecatholicdefender.webs.com/