Thanks and Welcome!

Lately I've had a lot of new followers that want to chat or learn more about our Catholic faith. Lola, Claudia (from Brazil!), Karen Louise, Agnes, Jean, Dawn, Becca, Cam, Heidi, SAHM, Jackie and Rachel are just a few of my new friends!
What an honor and a blessing....each new person leads me to his/her blog and it goes on and on from there. What a community of faithful that continually help me and give me strength in my journey of learning more about this gift of the Church from our Heavenly Father and His Son on earth!
Here's what Lola said recently on her blog, "What Lola Wants"

"Adrienne, who has my attention daily, had a link to La Bella Vita, a fabulous Foodie Blog, and it really has some mouthwatering photos... Well by googling chance I found, it's blogger also has another blog Beautiful Catholic Faith that has the above video! And now I am a FOLLOWER! Why is it that when I google and find a wonderful blog, that it is no surprise that their blogroll also has some of my favorite blogger's listed?"

Lola's blog link is: http://lolawantsunsoclicited.blogspot.com/

Do stop by and learn more about current events and Catholicism from Lola and Adrienne (Adrienne's Catholic Corner..... the link is on my sidebar on the right)

Blessings to both of you for all that you write about for your readers,

~ bella


Claudia Medeiros said...

What else can I say , Bella ? Your words are so lovely :)

God bless you :)

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the link....

I love the picture. So sweet!