Prayer For the Help of The Sacred Heart

Another powerful prayer that Catholics can recite is the following prayer in which we request the help of the Sacred Heart, more specifically we ask our Lord to remove any and all of our human shortcomings and failures that prevent us from living a full Catholic Christina life.

For the Help of the Sacred Heart

Take away, O my Jesus, 
the blindness of my heart, that I may know Thee; 
take away the hardness of my heart, that I may fear Thee; 
take away the coldness of my heart, 
that I may resist everything that is contrary to Thy will; 
take away its heavy, earthly sluggishness and selfishness, 
that I may be capable of heroic sacrifice for Thy glory, 
and for the souls whom Thou has redeemed 
with Thy own most precious blood. 




Josef_63 said...

I have just stumpled upon your site and found it to be most inspiring. I really love this prayer, it says almost everything. Thank You for sharing this beautiful prayer. God Bless! John K.

bella said...

Hi Josef, I agree with you about this prayer. You are welcome and come back any time to visit! Blessings to you too!