A Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan


Have you ever wondered where to begin to discover some of the BEST Catholic references and/or books to learn more about Our Beautiful Catholic Faith? I know that I sure have!

 There is SO MUCH that I did not learn from my Catholic school teachings, from my CCD classes when I was in public schools, and even from my parents. I am a self-educating Catholic from simply the constant reading of literature that is approved by the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Today I discovered this list from a conservative Catholic web-site linked to the Cardinal Newman Society that supports true Catholic education. I can't wait to start reading this list . . . and as the title states, it will take a LIFETIME! Why? The Holy Roman Catholic Church is rich in its treasures and beauty and it will take a lifetime and MORE, to discover Her treasures!

Here is the link for you too:

A Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan


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Molly said...

Thank you so much for the link. I try picking out books on my own, but find it difficult to decide what the best choices are for discovering our Catholic faith.