Lenten Prayers

.image of a holy card from my personal collection
Dear Friends in Christ,
Let's begin our 40 days of Lent by increasing our prayer time.

Dear Lord,
During these forty days time of Lent
give me strength to turn away from worldliness
and lift my our eyes to You.

Grant me the required discipline
to make a daily commitment to drawing closer to You.
Help me recognize the many opportunities that you offer to me
to draw ever closer to You each day.

Help me remove myself from my busy-ness
in order to spend time with You.
Help me turn off the noise around me
so I can listen to You.

In its place, lead me to Your Word
in Sacred Scripture, art, and music.

Lord, let me never forget Your suffering and Passion
and what you sacrificed for my salvation.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

God of all compassion, Father of all goodness,

to heal the wounds our sins and selfishness bring upon us,

you bid us turn to fasting, prayer, and sharing

with our brothers and sisters.

We acknowledge our sinfulness, our guilt is ever before us:

when our weakness causes discouragement,

let your compassion fill us with hope and

lead us through a Lent of repentance to the beauty of Easter joy.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gracious Savior,
You have given us this season of Lent
so that we might open ourselves more fully
to your saving grace and new life.

By our fasting, prayer and almsgiving,
may we realize anew that we rely on You in all things.

Your gift of grace makes all good things possible,
including our desire to reject sin and return to you.

Grant your people a spirit of reconciliation this Lent
so that we may forgive one another as you have forgiven us.

3rd prayer re-printed with permission from "Catholic Mom in Hawaii"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Pam said...

Dear Bella,
Thank you so much for adding Australia and myself to your Lenten Prayer list. Also for sharing the beautiful prayers you have listed on your blog, for they have been a blessing.

My own prayers and thoughts are with you also during this time of repentance (and the seeking of grace.)

Thank you my new dear friend in Christ - Roz. (bella)


Micki said...

Bella - Beautiful holy card. I just found you again, somehow you disappeared off my links when I had a links delete problem. I'm so sorry to read about the death of your horse. I'm sure it's like the loss of any great love of your life. Big hug to you.

Is there any reason I'm not on your links anymore? Miss hasving you stop by too. Micki