Knowing My Demons: My Weaknesses and Temptations

Hello Dear Friends in Christ,

It is a constant struggle, but I am continually trying to improve areas of my life that really need some help . . . so that I can live with a higher quality of life and one that is more pleasing to Christ.

This weekend's Mass homily was very pertinent to me regarding HAVING THE FAITH to believe that I really CAN eliminate some of the demons in my life that continually take over me. Our parish priest said that there is a difference between POWER and AUTHORITY. Jesus had both the power and the authority to call demons out of others and He demonstrated it during His life. Yet people doubted this. His response to them was that they did not have faith. Jesus was teaching us that we FIRST must HAVE FAITH. Therefore, I KNOW, (but sadly need to keep remind myself), that if I strengthen my faith with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have the ability to overcome my demons, my weaknesses, my temptations.

Often I've just given up and thought, "I just can't change this bad habit", but I realize that my failure has largely been due to the fact that I am trying to change a life-long habit without the assistance of God.

Nothing is too much to conquer for Jesus. NOTHING! He can handle my petitions for help regarding work, family, personal bad habits and behaviors, as well as my finances. By the way, each of us needs to have FAITH that He can help us handle getting through this recession.

I need to keep acting and asking in faith, never doubting that I CAN overcome any negative behaviors (weaknesses and temptations). Father Corapi (on EWTN) has said in his numerous messages that the devil KNOWS our weaknesses and our temptations and will continually attack us in these areas. Without Christ, we cannot help ourselves, but continue to engage in the negative behavior or habit due to our human WEAKNESS. These are OUR OWN DEMONS! With our strengthened Faith and conviction, we DO have the power and authority to cast out those demons.

Jesus taught us "You have great faith! Your wish will come to pass!" (Mt. 15:28)

The key thing is that all things are possible with Christ and that FAITH in Him and what He can do for us is absolutely necessary!

Today, I pray for the strength to battle my bad habits and behaviors, and to overcome my weaknesses and temptations, with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

~ Bella

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Anonymous said...


I, too, am constantly trying to change my bad habits and tendencies, and also am constantly catching myself up trying to do it on my own, not with God's help. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

Bella Vita said...

I'll add you to my prayers so that together we can overcome whatever continues to hurt our lives! Thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by!

Margaret said...

Dear Bella,
Thank you for your lovely site. This is the first time I have visited it to leave a comment.
I have been pondering your words re Knowing our Demons: Our Weaknesses and Temptations - and in the past I would have agreed whole heartily with you. But of late I believe through the working of the Holy Spirit in my life I have only just started to see the real enemy in those demons and temptations that come to assault us.
Jesus as always is right - and when He said we only need Faith as big as a mustard seed to move mountains. (Then I believe Him.) It is only when we start to realise that it is not against human flesh that we fight against but all that is unseen in the spiritual world.
I have not had the pleasure of seeing or hearing Father Corapi (on EWTN) as my home is in Australia. But I believe his message when he says that the devil knows our weaknesses and our temptations and will go all out to attack us in those areas.
I believe we have an enemy and that enemy IS NOT GOD - the enemy is the Devil and because the Devil is God's enemy and because we belong to God we are the Devils enemy also. The Devil will try and do anything he can to hurt God and as man and women are made in God's image and likeness and the Devil knows that God loves us. How better to come against God once again but by deceiving God's children with lies - such as we have know defence against him. I believe that when we recognise that there is an emeny that would dearly love to do us harm - then our Faith can grow and the power and authority can be gained by knowing that the one that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. Once we have eyes to see and recognise the Devil then we can start to defend ourselves from his lies and deception.
Thank you for letting me visit.
Kind regards

Bella Vita said...

Hello my dear new friend, Margaret, in Australia!

I am so privileged to hear from you and want you to know that I agree with you completely. Long ago, before folks started openly talking about "spiritual combat" with the devil, I would just mention the devil being involved in this or that . . . and people would criticize me and say, "Oh, do you really believe that exists?" If really study our faith and know it, we know that IT IS a invisible war out there because we are TOLD that God will give the devil the chance to win souls on earth and with our free will, we will choose to follow the strict path for God, or give in to all of the worldly pathes to the devil. The GOOD thing is that we KNOW that IN THE END, the Lord will return and WIN and take with Him to Heaven, those souls who followed Him. It is so hard. . . and I need His help, the saints' help, the angels' help, the Church's help, and friends like you to help.....we say that in Mass each time when we confess our sins and ask each other for help.

I feel as if you are right in front of me having a lovely chat with a cup of tea and I want to know that you have touched me deeply with your profound words of encouragement.

I hope to stay in touch! May God bless you and guide us both!

Much Love,

Roz (also known as Bella)