The Second Sunday of Advent 2008 -- Bringing Light Into Our World

(Holy Card re-print permission granted from "Holy Cards for Your Inspiration"
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Hello my dear friends in Christ,

"Behold, the Lord will come . . . " said John the Baptist. Yet are we stopping in our busy-ness and daily holiday madness to stop and remember that? The world was in darkness before our Lord's birth, and here we are today, closer to His second coming, but still in darkness.

Let's ask ourselves if we are living in a way to bring the Light of Christ into our world. For me in higher education, it is a difficult time of the year because when the end of the fall semester takes place (right now) during the Christmas season, I still must 'assign' the grades that students have earned. I'm in a joyful Christmas mood of giving and loving, yet I have to get real and be the bearer of negative news to some of my students.

Oh yes, there are those 5 or 6 students in each of my classes that SHINE LIKE A STAR OF LIGHT each and every day!!! And these are the students that I LOVE assigning their grades. There is only joy in this activity! But, on the other hand, there are those students who performed poorly, or who had poor attitudes, or for whatever the reason might have been, consequently received poor grades.

In this season of preparing for the Lord, I want so badly to engage in random acts of forgiveness and kindness and just give them ALL good grades. Yet, this is truly a dishonest thing to do. Even our Lord and Heavenly Father loves us so much to discipline us. So for those who receive a more negative grade, I just write a kind note to them on their term papers and try to encourage them to do better next semester. This is also in fairness to those students who performed well.

Just as John the Baptist had a role in proclaiming the Lord, each of us in our own vocations, large or small, have a duty to live out our beautiful Catholic faith through not only our words, but also our DEEDS. Let's find ways to shine Christ's light on others around us in our own surrounding world, and hopefully, that light will ripple further into the other parts of the world? You never know the extent of your positive Christian impact!

I hope that you have a blessed day!


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